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As both an AWS Authorized Consulting Partner and Google Authorized Consulting Partner, we are able to train across both AWS and Google platforms. Online, On-Site and Remote. We are your trusted partner in equipping your workforce with the expertise required to operate in the cloud. While training you on the cloud platform, we help you to develop and manage your cloudnative microservices applications using Docker and Kubernetes. Our Training tagline: More hands-on labs, less talk.


We are experts at the AWS and Google platforms, the fastest growing cloud platforms in the world. We can come alongside you and help your organization get to the next level as well as accomplishing ‘team learning’ and ‘personal mastery’. We consult and train utilizing the CoudNative Computing Foundation (CNCF) framework . Some of the applications in the CNCF framework includes Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Fluentd, gRPC, Istio, Conduit etc.

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FREE Cloud Computing Courses and Cloud Computing Scholarships

CTE has made the Cloud computing foundation courses available online for free. All you need to do is to Sign-up and then learn at your own pace. Part of CTE’s mission is to make cloud training accessible to all who have an interest. In addition, CTE will offer scholarships to some in order to enable them to take the Associate or Professional Cloud computing courses. CTE seeks to partner with interested corporations and individuals to make cloud computing scholarships a big part of our offering.
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Our Technical Instructors

Educational achievements, industry on the job experience and Professional certifications are required of all our Instructors. Also, our Technical Instructors are Competent communicators who are passionate about Training and public speaking. Our Instructors are Certified Accredited AWS Technical Trainers.

We are here to set the standards in Professional Technical Training.

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