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1-Day Docker and Hands-on ExerciseEventbrite - 1-Day Docker Containers-Introduction & Hands-on Workshop
1-Day Kubernetes and Hands-on Exercise.Eventbrite - 1-Day Kubernetes-Introduction & Hands-on Workshop
3-Day Kubernetes Certified Administrator (CKA)Eventbrite - 3-Day Bootcamp on Kubernetes Certified Administrator
3-Day AWS Certified Solutions Architect Hands-on ExerciseEventbrite - 3-Day Hands-on AWS Solutions Architect Associate
3-Day Microservices With Docker & KubernetesEventbrite - 3-Day Hands-on Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
3-Day Docker & Kubernetes Security HardeningEventbrite - 3-Day Cloud Certified Security Professional (CCSP)

Cloud, Microservices and CloudNative

We are your trusted partner in equipping your workforce with the expertise required to operate in the cloud. We train you on the cloud platform and help you to develop and manage your cloudnative microservices applications using Docker and Kubernetes. We consult and train on the CoudNative Computing Foundation (CNCF) framework. Some of the applications in the CNCF framework includes Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Fluentd, gRPC, Istio, Conduit etc. Our Training tagline: More hands-on labs, less talk.

Main categories of training

We conduct 2 main categories of training:

  1. Corporate Private Cloud Training

  2. CFO asks CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”
    CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?” ~Peter Baeklund

    This conversation summarizes corporate dilemma. The point is, what if you don’t train your staff and they stay? Can you afford the cost of incompetent and inefficient staff? We come onsite to train your staff. By coming on site to train your staff, they can still keep an eye on urgent matters, which is a big win for the team. Give us a call to discuss training your team.

  3. Public Cloud Training
  4. This is training for everyone, at various locations in different states in the US and around the world. You can choose between different levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training

Modes of Training Delivery

We have 3 main modes of training delivery:

  1. Online Self-Paced Cloud Training
  2. These are pre-recorded videos for you to learn at your own pace with support when needed. Learn in the evenings/weekends at your own convenience. Listen to the videos as many times as you need to master the concepts. Click on Register to sign up today.

  3. Classroom Instructor-led Cloud Computing Training
  4. Learn at the supervision of a qualified and experienced Cloud expert. Ask questions and get answers in the class. Do you have an urgent project to execute?Pick the brain of the instructor while you are at the class. Come ready to learn!

  5. Remote Classroom Instructor-led Cloud Computing Training
  6. Join our Instructor-led training from the comfort of your home. Save on travel expenses. Get immersed in a class far away but near. Get the same experience as being in the classroom but from the comfort of your home.

Cloud Computing Platform

We train on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.CTE is AWS Authorized Consulting Partners.
We are experts at the AWS platform, the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. AWS has the services, the community, the security and anything else that you may care about. While we might add talent in other major cloud platforms in the future, at the moment, we are concentrating on the AWS platform.

Cloud Computing Expertise

  • Docker Containers/Kubernetes
  • Containers have come to stay. They are fast, efficient and scalable. Yet, managing containers at scale is challenging. We train you to remove all the challenges in managing fleets of containers in the cloud using Kubernetes orchestration engine. The training follows the Certified Kerbernetes Administrator (CKA) curriculum available from Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

  • Cloud DevOps
  • The beauty of the cloud is that it is programmable, a phrase commonly known as infrastructure-as-code. This put automation at the focus of cloud operations management. This course teaches continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment(CD) and continuous delivery practices with emphasis on the AWS cloud services such as Code Pipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit and Cloudformation templates.

  • Microservices and Cloudnative
  • As cloud becomes the de facto platform of choice, many existing legacy applications will continue to be migrated to the cloud. Also, greenfield applications will continue to be developed and deployed on the cloud. We have developed the expertise on the CNCF roadmap/Framework to help organizations as they embark on either migrating their brownfield legacy applications to the cloud or building greenfield applications on the cloud. We specialize on microservices design patterns and the tools such as docker, Kubernetes, Istio, and all the other tools in the CNCF framework required for a successful migration to the cloudnative pattern.

  • Cloud Architectures
  • Moving to the cloud requires a new set of mindset in architectural designs.The cloud provides you with the virtual hardware resources but you have to be able to design highly scalable, highly redundant and highly available systems. You also have to be able to design architectures that fit well your existing applications. There are standards such as the Well architected framework that your cloud architectures must conform. This course has you covered in designing your cloud architectures from scratch, following best practices.

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud security is still one of the major concerns when corporations consider moving to the cloud. But is the cloud really that insecure?It has been proven that 90% of all security breaches are human error while only 10% is due to technical problems. The fact is that when you don't have qualified trained security professionals in charge of your cloud operations,the cloud can be a scary place to migrate to. After taking our cloud security related courses, you will be qualified and competent to secure your corporation’s critical resources in the cloud.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • The market for big data analytics has been predicted to grow 6X more than the overall IT growth by the year 2020. This is understandable considering that Data is the new gold. As the new gold, Big data has to be mined by qualified data mining professionals. The major differentiation between competitive firms will be in the way they use big data analytics tools. That is why this course equips you to be ahead of your competitors simply by preparing you to be a big data analytics expert.

Cloud Training Progression

We offer 4 levels of training:

  1. Foundation Cloud Computing Courses
  2. This is your cloud initiation point, your first baby steps. The only requirement is that you know about Systems Administration and have done some work on basic Linux systems administration. Even if you don't have any systems administration skills as mentioned, you can still start foundation courses but know that you will have some self-study to do. You will be guided on what to study to have a successful career in IT.

  3. Associate Cloud Computing Courses
  4. This is where you begin to wear your hat as a Cloud computing professional. You will be prepared to take the AWS Associate level certifications such as:

    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate
    • AWS Certified Developer- Associate
    • AWS Certified SysOps- Associate

    The prerequisite for this is that you have taken the foundation computing courses or the equivalent experience. If you haven't taken the Foundational course, you will be required to take a per-qualification test. The test is not to deter you bur rather to access your knowledge so that the instructor can advice you on what you need to study alongside as you take the Associate course.

  5. Professional Cloud Computing Courses
  6. At the professional level, things get really interesting. Here you need to have few years of IT experience to help your knowledge as you study the professional cloud computing courses. You also need to have taken an Associate cloud computing course or take a test to qualify for the training. Our professional computing course training prepares you to take the AWS professional certifications such as:

    • AWS Certified DevOps professional and
    • AWS Certified Architect professional

    These are currently one of the top certification in the IT industry.

  7. Expert Cloud Computing Courses
  8. Where else will you take your expert cloud computing courses but with Cloud Technology Experts?Our aim is to make you the subject matter expert in Cloud computing area of your choice. This course prepares you to take the AWS expert certifications which are due to be out soon. Amazon Web services (AWS) will offer expert level certifications in:

    • Networking
    • Security

    Apart from these, we will also offer expert level courses in other areas such as DevOps, Server-less computing, etc. The prerequisites for the expert computing courses varies. You may be required to have gone through the professional cloud computing courses or an equivalent experience.

FREE Cloud Computing Courses and Cloud Computing Scholarships

CTE will make the Cloud computing foundation courses free online. All you need is to register and learn at your own pace. Part of CTE’s mission is to make cloud training accessible to all who has interest. Also, CTE will offer scholarships to some to enable them take the Associate or Professional Cloud computing courses. CTE seeks to partner with interested corporations and individuals to make cloud computing scholarships a big part of our offering.

Our Technical Instructors

Educational achievements, industry on the job experience and Professional certifications are required of all our Instructors. Also, our Technical Instructors are Competent communicators who are passionate about Training and public speaking. Our Instructors are Certified Accredited AWS Technical Trainers.

We are here to set the standards in Professional Technical Training.

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