What is Terraform?

Terraform is an opensource cloud-agnostic infrastructure provisioning tool developed by Hashicorp. It helps you to dynamically provision your resources on a cloud platform. This practice is referred to as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Every major cloud platform has its own IaC provisioning tool. For example, AWS has Cloudformation and GCP has Cloud Deployment Manager. Treating infrastructure like you treat software enables you to automate repeatable tasks and improve the productivity of the team. You can even push your code to a Github to enable versioning of your code.

Some advantages of IaC are:

  • Automate your deployments. This makes it easier to roll out deployments to other Regions easily.
  • Easily roll out new services and upgrades to new versions
  • More uniform deployments since you can always reuse the templates

As corporations adopt different cloud models such as Hybrid and Multi-cloud environments, having an IaC tool that can work across different environments without changing the code is highly desirable. You write the code once and then use it in different environments including on-premise and cloud environments.

Why Learn Terraform?

Terraform is one of the most desirable IaC tools for the DevOps teams. DevOps practices revolve around automation and the ability to do that across different environments including different cloud platforms without changing the code saves a lot of time and effort which results in higher productivity and efficiency for the teams.

As a DevOps, learning Terraform will definitely improve your career growth and make your job more enjoyable. Learn Terraform to fully automate your infrastructure provisioning either on a single or multi-cloud environment.

This course teaches you to learn Terraform from the ground up. The hands-on labs and frequent quizzes are designed to make you a cloud expert.

The CTE Advantage

At CTE, we hold you by the hand and help you learn the skills to become a DevOps Engineer. Our unique advantages are:

  • More hands-on labs less theory
  • Quizzes to help cement the ideas
  • Experienced instructors/mentors to help you answer your technology and Career-related questions.
  • Learn at your own convenience but seek help when needed

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