What is Ansible?

Ansible is a powerful opensource configuration management tool from Redhat. Although Ansible can manage the entire lifecycle of an application from Provisioning, Configuration, Deployment, and Management, its core strength is in Configuration management. When used with Terraform for provisioning, the 2 can be a very powerful addition to the DevOps toolkit. DevOps is all about automation and Ansible makes this happen.


Why  Learn Ansible?

DevOps is a buzzword at the moment and Ansible stands out. Learning and using Ansible will definitely make you stand out from your team members and make you a very valuable part of the team. Ansible will increase your job prospects leading to a rewarding career.

The Ansible course is designed to bring your skills from zero to hero where you can begin to contribute to your team.


The CTE Advantage

At CTE, we hold you by the hand and help you learn the skills to become a DevOps Engineer. Our unique advantages are:

  • More hands-on labs less theory
  • Quizzes to help cement the ideas
  • Experienced instructors/mentors to help you answer your technology and Career-related questions.
  • Learn at your own convenience but seek help when needed

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